Scuba Diving St George Utah

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Rental Equipment

If you don’t have any gear, we’ll provide the necessary equipment so that you can have the most enjoyable time while diving.

Repair & Servicing

All of our repairs are done on-site by one of our certified and licensed professionals, you’ll leave our shop rest assured that everything will be done properly.

Air Tank Fill Ups

Infinity Scuba offers air fill-ups on spot so you can always be prepared for that next dive whether it be a spontaneous trip or just a weekend outing.

Scuba Diving St George Utah

Get Scuba Certified

Open water SCUBA Certification

Getting an open water scuba certification puts you on a new path of fun and exciting adventures and thrilling experiences. Explore our unseen world filled with amazing life and vibrant colors. An open water certification gives you the license to scuba dive anywhere in the world. Come join us, jump on in the water is fabulous!

Scuba Diving St George Utah

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Don't miss out on the adventures,

St George Scuba Diving Pros

Will help you get Open Water Certified!

The SSI Open Water Diver Certification is recognized around the world, opening limitless possibilities for exploration. If you’ve always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, you’ve come to the right place.

Let's make your St George scuba diving experience an unforgettable one!

Our equipment consists of the highest-quality Scuba diving equipment featuring Scuba Pro
BCD’s, Regulators  and Dive Computers!

We have two locations for your convenience,  One of our shops and classroom is located downtown in St George Utah on Main Street, our second St George Scuba shop is located at the turn off for the Fair grounds by Quail Lake, a convenient place to grab your tanks on the way to dive, and a quick drop off on the way home!

What makes Infinity Scuba Diving St George Utah different...???

Our dive shop is owned and operated by 4 local St George Scuba Diving Pros that have successful careers outside of the diving world. Why is that important…? During their travels, and experiences with other Scuba Diving Shops, they found a common denominator that ultimately led to somewhat of a poor experience. 

When a Scuba Diving Shop’s sole purpose is to make money, important details start to get somewhat overlooked. Usually Safety Standards are sacrificed, or Patrons are pressured to buy gear at an over inflated price, and sometimes education or product knowledge is overlooked in the sake of profits. 

We set out to define and promulgate a new dive experience…What if a local St George Scuba Diving Shop was centered more around the client experience and a professional approach to the overall experience of diving and not just trying to increase a bottom line…THE ANSWER….AN INFINITY OF AWESOME SCUBA DIVING EXPERIENCES AND KNOWLEDGE. 

Here at Infinity Scuba Diving St George, we promise you will get an absolute dive professional that will uphold the safest standards, and give honest knowledge about Scuba Diving Gear, not just push what is sold in our shop. You will get personal instruction where you and your dive experience are the most aspects of our shop. Come check out what makes Infinity Scuba Diving St George Utah the very best Scuba Diving Experience in Southern Utah.

Don't miss out on our Dive Trips,

Travel with us to some of the best Scuba Diving in the world.

We take great pride in providing the very best in service and locations to travel to, at a really affordable price! If Scuba Diving St George Utah is leaving you longing for great views and fabulous underwater sea life…..then it is time for a scuba diving trip! Check out our Dive trip gallery to see pictures and videos of our recent St George scuba diving trips!

Infinity Scuba is the premier St George Scuba shop.

We carry the best scuba diving equipment in St George Utah. We are proud to carry Scuba Pro the most recognized name in quality and innovative scuba diving gear. Whether you are scuba diving on one of our fabulous scuba diving trips, making a weekend getaway to the coast, or just scuba diving St George Utah at Sand Hollow Reservoir; dive with the most comfortable gear with a life-time guarantee warranty!