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About Infinity Scuba

Have you ever had something that you loved doing, and wished that you could do it all the time? For Cade, Sam, Brad and Kurt that something is scuba diving, however, living in Southern Utah where red sand is plentiful and blue oceans are not, they have found that opportunities for good scuba adventures and gear have been pretty slim.
As they consider that to be a terrible travesty, the four friends have decided to come together to create a better scuba company. Infinity Scuba is a company founded by four friends who love scuba diving, teaching others how to scuba dive, and helping everyone to have access to better gear, even in the red-hilled desert of Southern Utah. Infinity Scuba’s goal as a company is to help combat the four main difficulties of scuba enthusiasts who live in a desert which are:
  1. Location
  2. Amature Instructors
  3. Kill for a deal
  4. Environmental Awareness
Or L.A.K.E.
Location. There just aren’t any great places to dive in Southern Utah. However, the Infinity Scuba team knows of some great locations that can be easily visited over the weekend. By coming together and pooling resources it is possible to overcome the obstacle of location, and end up at a place with some great dives.
Amature Instructors. The word “amature” is not meant as an insult. By definition it means, “One who engages in an art, science, study, or athletic activity as a pastime rather than as a profession.” Scuba diving has rules and regulations just like any other recreational sport, and it is important, especially for new divers, to learn the ins and outs of diving from someone who is keeping up to date on everything about it. Infinity Scuba’s goal is to help teach the next generation of divers, and maybe even the past generations as well, the best way to dive.
Kill for a deal. Truth is, scuba gear can be expensive, and one of the main reasons why the four friends decided to form their company is because they don’t like the idea of anyone getting hurt because they are using low-quality, faulty, or ill-maintained equipment. Infinity Scuba is proud to be a distributor of ScubaPro. Whom they consider to be the best supplier of quality scuba equipment in the nation.
Environmental Awareness. Another reason why the members of Infinity Scuba are so keen on teaching others the correct way to scuba dive is because it is an opportunity to help others appreciate the beauty of our planet. There are so many beautiful creatures, plants, and other sites that are hidden under waves, and, sadly, many of them are being threatened by our poor choices. Infinity Scuba hopes that by taking a hand in teaching others how to scuba dive, they can also have a hand in teaching others to love and respect the other amazing creatures that live with us on this earth. With years of previous scuba experience, both in personal dives and as instructors, the Infinity Scuba team is looking forward to helping you discover the beauty that is hidden beneath the surface of the water. So what are you waiting for, get out of the L.A.K.E. and come dive in the ocean with Infinity Scuba!